SuperFOIL – Croft School 1600 sq. m SF40 Install

A video demonstrating SF40 being used on a school refurbishment project.

Taking a school from poor insulation ratings to better than current regulations, providing the students and teachers with a high level of comfort and warmth.

Chosen for its ease of installation and cost efficiency, no other brands’ multi-foil has the performance of SuperFOIL SF40!

SuperFoil SF19 and SuperFoil SF40 gain LABC Registered Detail approval

Boulder Developments Ltd is delighted to announce that both SF19 SuperFoil and SF40 SuperFoil insulation products are now approved under the LABC Registered Detail scheme for use in roofs and walls.

The Registered Detail approval enables Local Authority Building Control Officers to move forward speedily with the approval of the insulation requirements for your new build, extension or renovation project and provides LABC’ s customers with confidence in their choice of SuperFoil. Furthermore, it also brings the opportunity to save time which in turn leads to saving money.

The rigorous assessment by the LABC approval team means that all aspects of the products performance has been assessed and confirmed. The process also involves the assessment of practical applications and installation guidance to ensure that the current 2010 Building Regulation standards are in all cases achieved and in some exceeded!

The SuperFoil range of products is unique and provides the end user with a choice of the most effective multi layered foil for their specific use. The variation in rafter depth, the location of the insulation at rafter or ceiling level, an internal or external application can all be accommodated; each SuperFoil product is distinguished by thermal performance rating making it is easy to choose the most effective product for your project.

Installing Superfoil is easy and results in minimal waste; SuperFoil is manufactured with 40% recycled materials and is recyclable at the end of its useful life. SF products are non -hazardous and there are no special requirements for installation or disposal of waste.