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Praise for SuperFOIL!

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/praise-for-superfoil/ Just-Insulation (http://www.just-insulation.com/multifoil.html) had this to say about the Superfoil range: “SuperFOIL– for and against: SuperFOIL manufactures the largest variety of multi-foil products. SuperFOIL SF19 (40mm) costs less per square metre than any of the other multi-foils that we sell. SuperFOIL SF40 (65mm) represents the best value multi-foil when comparing cost against thermal performance, ie […]

Superfoil SF40 Making Schools Energy Efficient

As part of a program of school energy efficiency upgrades SF40 is being installed to schools in the Nottingham and Lancashire areas during the summer holidays, making buildings ready for the cold winter months. A bonus for schools is that SF40’s reflective radiant barrier keeps buildings cooler in summer too, combating solar gain (solar radiation) […]

Dormer Cottage Solutions

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/dormer-cottage-solutions/ In dormer cottages, (new roof or renovations) there is a section of the roof that takes a little thought to insulate well because the inside (room) and the outside (roof) are in very close proximity where the pitch of the roof cuts through the room, some times there is as little as 100mm between […]

SuperFOIL Cold Weather Tape

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/superfoil-cold-weather-tape/ Winter is still some way off, but ahead of the coming Winter Superfoil has released a new and very competitively priced Cold Weather tape, SFCW, its available in 50m rolls and is 80mm wide with an RRP of £10.65 per roll. This joins the standard SFMP tape which is 20m long x 100mm wide […]

SuperFOIL – Croft School 1600 sq. m SF40 Install

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/croft-school-sf40-install/ A video demonstrating SF40 being used on a school refurbishment project. Taking a school from poor insulation ratings to better than current regulations, providing the students and teachers with a high level of comfort and warmth. Chosen for its ease of installation and cost efficiency, no other brands’ multi-foil has the performance of SuperFOIL […]

SuperFOIL – HOW TO Retrofit Multi Layer Foil Roof Insulation

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/superfoil-how-to-retrofit-multi-layer-foil-roof-insulation/ A short video showing just how easy it is to retrofit your house with SuperFOIL! Armed with some scissors, a stapler and a roll of foil tape you see the workers re-fitting an attic with SuperFOIL insulation. You can request a free sample pack and the SuperFOIL team are always happy to provide any […]

The Value Of Air In Insulation

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/the-value-of-air-in-insulation/ Air is a very good insulator, for instance the thermal conductivity of air is 0.24, which is much better than old fashioned glass fibre at 0.44 (the lower figure the better). Above and beyond that a sealed air gap next to a reflective surface improves the R value of the air, there is a […]

SF40 Performance Options

http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/sf40-performance-options/ SF40 our double thickness foil insulation is a favorite with professional loft converters and self builders alike, SF40 is combined with with 40mm foam backed plasterboard to give a U 0.18 is an LABC approved registered detail and meets current building regs the finished ceiling will be 90mm ( 3 1/2 inches) below the […]

New 2010 Insualtion Regulations – SuperFOIL Foil Insulation

October 2010 Building Regulations Part L for Insulation – http://www.superfoil.co.uk/news/new-2010-insualtion-regulations/ The regulations have increased building insulation requirements as high as U 0.16 . SuperFOIL have already had solutions for U values down to as low as U 0.11. We have a wide range of solutions to satisfy the existing regulations and have developed new solutions […]