BBA Test Report, SF60, NEW R values & U values announcement for the Superfoil Insulation System

BBA, the British Board of Agrement, have tested Superfoil SF60 to EN12667 and issued a test report. (see the down load section of this web site). Testing to standard EN12667 includes the test standards EN8301 and EN6946 and meets Building Regulation part L requirement of BR443, for regulation requirement for the testing of thermal performance of reflective insulation. Superfoil Insulation Systems use reflective technology to maximum thermal performance of a roof construction.

R values in Roofs with 1 layer of SF60 are R4.42 and one layer in walls is R4.88. when installed to our standard installation system method. For sloping roofs achieving U values of U 0.18 is easy with a 20mm HD foam board between or below rafters. For walls a U value of U 0.19 is achieved with 1 layer of SF60, this is far in excess of the usual building regulation requirement for walls of U 0.28. U values as low as U 0.1 can be achieved in other system combinations.

In addition Air tightness and Radiant Barriers are incorporated in the Superfoil Insulation System to reduce solar gain and air movement losses.